There's Nothing 'Natural' about 'Natural Flavors'

When it comes to food labels, one term that often catches our attention is "natural flavors." It seems like a wholesome and healthy addition to our food, but what does it really mean? 
The term "natural flavors" may sound innocent, but it is a complex and secretive ingredient category. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), natural flavors are defined as substances derived from plants or animals that give flavor to food. However, the actual composition of these flavors remains unknown to consumers. Food manufacturers are not required to disclose the specific ingredients used to create these flavors, which leaves us wondering about their true nature.
While natural flavors might seem harmless, they have faced their fair share of controversy. One concern is the potential for allergens to be hidden within these flavors. Since the specific components of natural flavors are undisclosed, individuals with allergies may unknowingly consume substances that could trigger a reaction. Additionally, some argue that the use of natural flavors can mask the true quality of a product. By enhancing the taste with these flavors, manufacturers may be able to cover up subpar ingredients or processing methods.
With the increasing demand for transparency in the food industry, consumers are seeking more information about what they are putting into their bodies. Many people are becoming more conscious of the ingredients in their food and want to make informed choices. Therefore, it is essential for food manufacturers to provide clear and detailed labeling, including the specific components of natural flavors.
You will never, ever find 'natural flavors' in Patterbars. There's nothing natural about them. You will only ever find whole fruits, nuts, and seeds in our bars. True to Patter's ethos, Patterbars are 100% whole food bars. They not only taste delicious, but there's nothing mysterious about whole food. It just tastes better.

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