Hooked: Big Food

We are constantly bombarded with information and distractions. Whether it's social media feeds, online games, or addictive apps, it's becoming increasingly difficult to resist the pull of technology. In his thought-provoking book "Hooked," Michael Moss explores the fascinating world of addiction and how the food industry, with its clever marketing strategies, has hooked us on unhealthy eating habits. 

Moss sheds light on the manipulative tactics used by the food industry to keep us coming back for more. From the carefully designed packaging to the strategic placement of products in supermarkets, every aspect of our food consumption is meticulously orchestrated to maximize sales. Moss reveals how companies exploit our innate cravings for sugar, fat, and salt, creating addictive products that we find hard to resist. As readers, we are forced to confront the uncomfortable truth that our seemingly innocent food choices are often influenced by powerful external forces.

By examining the consequences of our addiction to processed foods, Moss raises important questions about the impact on our health and well-being. He explores the rise of obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases, highlighting the alarming statistics that show how our eating habits have spiraled out of control. Moss also delves into the role of the food industry in perpetuating these health issues, exposing the unethical practices that prioritize profits over public health. As readers, we are compelled to rethink our relationship with food and consider the long-term consequences of our dietary choices.

While "Hooked" paints a grim picture of our current food landscape, it also offers hope and practical solutions for breaking free from our addictive habits. Moss provides insights into how we can reclaim control over our food choices and make healthier decisions for ourselves and our families. By understanding the manipulative techniques employed by the food industry, we can become more conscious consumers, armed with knowledge to resist their influence. "Hooked" serves as a wake-up call, urging us to take action and demand change in our food system.

At Patterbar, we believe in healthy eating habits. Eating food that nourishes our bodies and our minds. Food that doesn't demand, or trick, or manipulate. Food that tastes just as it seems: 100% real and whole. No artifice, no deceit. 

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