Let's Talk Shelf Life


Did you know that most energy bars have a one year shelf life?

Yes, you read that correctly. One year. Begs the question: what sort of real food will taste good after sitting on a shelf for 12 months?

We aren’t talking about pasta here: we are talking about energy bars with nuts, seeds, and fruits. When was the last time you ate a package of blueberries that sat on a shelf for a year?

Preservatives, additives, and ingredients engineered in a lab — like “Natural Flavors” — that’s how real food is manipulated to be shelf stable for a year.

There is no manipulation or engineering at Patterbar. We rely on Mother Nature to provide our ingredients in their purest form: full of nutrients, fiber, protein, and vitamins. All things to provide you the nutritional synergy that only whole food ingredients can provide.

Which is why doctors and health professionals always recommend eating the whole food. Which is why an apple is always better than apple juice; why whole berries are better than fruit-flavored products; and why supplements and functional foods will never give you the benefits of whole food.

Eat well,


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