Who do I contact about wholesale?

Please contact us here.

What is the shelf-life of a Patterbar?

Four months at room temperature. Pretty amazing for a product with no preservatives! Some of us at Patterbar swear by eating the bars ice-cold out of the fridge; they are delicious either way and you can extend that shelf life even further if you store them in the freezer.

Are Patterbar's gluten free?

Patterbars are not produced in a gluten-free facility so while they do not contain any gluten and are gluten sensitive, we cannot make that claim.

Are they plant-based, added sweetener free, soy-free, and dairy-free?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. In that order.

Don't dried fruits have sugar?

All of the fruits we use, dates, unsweetened tart cherries, blueberries, and coconut have low glycemic indexes (less than 55 percent on the glycemic Index). In addition, dried fruits are excellent sources of fiber and offer satiety, making you feel fuller, longer. None of the fruits we use have any added sugar.

What are these fibers in my bar?

Ginger is fibrous. Sometimes, a few fibers make it through. No need to be alarmed: it’s very natural.

Where else can I find Patterbars, other than online?

Come visit us on Sundays at the Denver South Pearl Street Farmers Market and the City Park Farmer's Market on Saturdays from May thru November 2023. Also, look out for us at local grocery stores, specialty stores, coffee shops, and yoga studios! Check out our Find Us page for more information.